Storytelling for modern lovers

Hi, I’m Prue. This is me, now you can put a face to the name! 

I’m a seasoned wedding photographer, painter of light, wife, and mum. Adventurer, lover-of-life and hopeless romantic with a penchant for travel, vodka and spicy food with chilli. 

But nothing gets me all a-buzz more than love. Give me my camera and a pair of lovestruck folk (just like you) and I’m in my element. Because nothing gets me all a-glow more than seeing a couple share that look – the one that says, he’s the macaroni to your cheese, the one you want to spend the next 1000 Sundays with (and then some), whose voice on the other end of the line sounds like home.

I work with couples who:

  • Want their wedding day to be fun (not an awkwardly staged photo shoot)

  • Feel like their hearts might just explode when they see each other at the altar – and want that giddy-in-love feeling somehow captured on paper, forever (let me do the honours)

  • Know that magical(ly real) trumps perfect, any day

I take photographs that tell the story of a thousand heartbeats – yep, we’ll capture all of the feels – and it would be my absolute honour to capture your wedding day.

Are you ready to sprinkle a little magic on your love story?


You were a bloody great find and I hope you’re still in the business when we
renew our vows in 50yrs time!
I’ve had soooo many people comment on your work!
- Shellyn and Will


My Story

It all started one fine day 14 years ago when, after the birth of my daughter, Hariyett, I purchased an SLR on sale from the local camera shop to take family photos. 

A few baby snaps quickly snowballed into an insatiable passion, and I soon enrolled in a Diploma in Photography. After graduating, I found my way to wedding photography and built my expertise via incredible mentors and a multitude of workshops. 

Today, I have hundreds of weddings under my belt, and happily spend my days, camera in hand, following love bugs just like you across Victoria, Australia and the world. 

Most importantly, I am deliciously, incredulously grateful that I get to be a part of couples’ most sacred of days, and play a part in preserving their stamp on this earth.

When It Comes To Weddings, I Believe…

// Your big day is about l-o-v-e love

While the champagne goes down a treat and there’s nothing like seeing all of your loved ones piled on the same dance floor, at its core, weddings are about the two of you. It’s about taking pause to honour the very serendipity that is two kindred hearts coming together. An ode to your love story, if you will (now, hold that thought while I get my camera).

// It’s a momentous day – but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it FUN  

In fact, the one piece of feedback I get on repeat from the couples I work with? I make the whole taking-wedding-photos bit less like an awkward photo shoot, more like hanging out with a new, but surprisingly fun friend. You bring the love, I’ll bring the laughs. 

// Every bride (and groom) needs her tribe

It’s not every day you get married. And, after having shot over 200 weddings, I know a thing or two about pulling them off with aplomb. So, as your wedding photographer, I’m more than just the lady with the camera. Got a question about your run sheet in the lead-up, or (gulp) what to do on the day when your make-up artist calls to say she’s stuck in traffic? Think of me as your fairy godmother – a reassuring, been-there-done-that presence who’ll help things run smoothly as can be (who also happens to be following you around with a camera). 

// Your wedding photos should reflect your unique you-ness

In the words of the great Dr Seuss, “There is no one alive who is youer than you.” I fully celebrate this, and it’s my mission on your wedding day to capture this in all its magical, heart-stopping, real-as-the-air-we-breathe glory. No cliché’d bride-and-groom poses here – just a collection of layer upon layer of precious moments (think the very moment your eyes welled up when you thought no-one was looking, or the look you two give each other every time your pop cracks an embarrassing joke) that’ll have you both thinking, how did she know?


An amazingly professional yet hilarious and a lot of fun photographer.
Would highly recommend, made our day by capturing perfect photos
we will be able to look back on always
- Caitlin and Emma


Because this is your story. Let’s sprinkle a little magic on it, 

so you can preserve it forever and always.