This is me, now you can put a face to the name! I’ve even thrown in some pics of my girls for good measure (it’s less I have to write too haha).

Some other things you might like to know….I’m married to Cobb. He’s my soul mate and he’s pretty funny but I think I’m way funnier! We laugh EVERY single day, we love and live life to it’s fullest. We are extremely social and are always with friends having a good time. Ours girls names are Hariyett and Gretel, and like all parents we love them to death of course but at times we want to bang their heads together too. (Yep telling it how it is again). I’m grateful to whoever invented vodka for those banging heads together days. (I told you I love it)!!! We are all gypsies at heart and therefore we travel lots and love all our caravanning adventures the most.

I love documenting our life and of course my camera is never far away. I want as many memories for the girls as I can capture, memories that I can print so they can hold them in their hands or hang them in their rooms. You’ll notice my packages all include prints and/or products. I’m not a digital lover, I want so much more for you!! And you DESERVE more!!

My photography journey started 14yrs ago. Over this time, I’ve studied and worked with some of the biggest names in our Industry. I’ve captured Weddings all over Australia as well as Internationally.

The following magazines have featured my Weddings and a few of them even made the FRONT COVER!!

  • Dear Photographer

  • Rangefinder Magazine

  • Bride and Groom

  • Border Brides

  • Echuca Moama Weddings

And let’s not forget the Online features, they’re just as cool:

  • True Bride Aus

  • White Lily Couture

  • Rangefinder Mag

  • Dear Photographer

  • Bride and Groom

Let’s meet for that vodka and book your big day in!