Alexandra Victoria | Being a School Camp Mum

Alexandra. If I wanted a week away, would I have chosen here? Probably not but here I am! And with me is of course my beloved Mac, which goes everywhere with me hahaha (laptops are too small for me)

Our youngest doesn’t do sleepovers! Just doesn’t. Absolutely refuses. We’ve tried to coax her with family and our closest friends and it goes the same way pretty much every time. She’ll agree and has even gone as far to say she’ll stay, then has gone ahead and planned to take her sleeping bag. It leads us into a false pretense of hope that it’s actually looking like happening until about half an hour before its time to go and BAM she has a massive meltdown and just flatly refuses to go. 

She’s always been a Mummy’s girl and is quite reliant on me being everywhere with her although she is a lot better lately with this and generally will only really want me if it’s something unfamiliar or an environment she knows no one. If I’m shooting a Wedding she’ll check before I leave for the day what time I’m finishing and will usually ring when I’ve told her I’m finishing which is generally when I’m driving home. There’s been times when I’ve got home at 11pm and she’s sitting up waiting for me.

 Many nights we all go to bed to only wake to find her on the floor right next to me on her camp mattress. The nights this happens she’ll usually inform me that I need to sage the house, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.  If it doesn’t work we could have a camper in our room for consecutive nights. 

Hubby always rolls his eyes or shakes his head or teases me and says things like she’ll be 30 and still living with us! Would that be so bad? Who knows, many years ago a clairvoyant told me she’ll be our traveller and that she’ll travel the world  but she’ll always be on the phone to Mum. Hubby constantly laughs about that which I will remind him of in the years to come when our phone bills are through the roof and when we are constantly buying tickets to fly overseas to visit. (My Hubby is the BIGGEST shit stirrer EVER!)

So back to Alexandra! Here I am because yep she’s on school camp! So in the past school camp has been reasonably close, well close enough that we can drive each night to collect her and then return her the next morning. Last year from memory I think between Hubby and I we did about 350kms in doing this task! This year camp is at Alexandra soooooo that’s just a little too far to drive twice a day so a motel for 4 days/3nights it is.

I’ve had many different opinions on what we do. I’ve had words of encouragement, telling us we are awesome parents. I’ve had people say we are crazy and there’s no way they’d do it. We’ve been told they just wouldn’t let their child go if it was their child. All of which is fine by us, people are allowed their opinions and we certainly all parent in very different ways. To us, this is just what we do as her parents. We don’t want her missing out on camp because of something she has no control over. We don’t want her to think she’s different to other kids. She is a very bright, happy, FUNNY (so bloody funny), healthy little 11yr old girl that will grow out of this when she’s ready. I must say I’m praying that’s before next year as camp is in Canberra for a WHOLE WEEK! 

 In all of this the thing I love the most is that she is so comfortable with who she is. She owns it. Doesn’t care about missing anything. Doesn’t care what people think. She’s just so comfortable in her own skin with this and this makes me feel like we are parenting right! 

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