Feather Shoot | Shepparton Photographer

Last year I joined 10 Photographers from across North East Victoria to capture the Travelling Dress. We all had the dress for a 2wk period. In that time we could shoot the dress anyway our creativity took us.

On our set reveal date we all posted our image on Instagram at the same time and created a loop that people could click through to view all the different images. We then after the reveal couldn’t believe the response from the public and had local newspapers interview and do stories on different photographers. We also had our very own exhibition in Echuca at The Foundry! The opening night of the exhibition saw all of us travel over to get together and talk about our images and inspiration to the crowd. I mean seriously who would’ve thought we’d have our very own exhibition!!

Straight after the exhibition we all loved it that much we put our ideas together for the next theme and the idea of feathers was born.

I’m not going to lie, I was nowhere near as inspired by feathers but I got it done. I was able to round up some peacock feathers from a friend the next day. The feathers sat by my desk for the whole time untouched. We then went to Bali and I had to find some feathers to buy. I then found a beggar that I asked if he would happily hold my feathers whilst I took a photo. He was gorgeous and agreed and I paid him. I’m sure he was looking at me thinking what a crazy Aussie I was! I then a couple of days later crossed paths with a merchant. He happily agreed also so I snapped a shot using his feather duster.

I got home and the day of the reveal I grabbed my peacock feathers and did 3 shots that took under 5mins. Hubby and the girls voted on which I should post and that’s how my post came about.

I’m already looking forward to our next one! I wonder what the theme will be??

Prue Peters is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Prue is currently booking Weddings for the 2020/2021 season all over Australia. Based in Shepparton with a love of travel means Prue will travel all of Australia to capture your Wedding Day!

Areas that Prue services for Weddings include: Shepparton, Melbourne, Bright, Beechworth, Euroa, Violet Town, Rutherglen, Darwin, Surfers Paradise, Noosa, among others.

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